Capacity Building and Opportunities for Indigenous Youth

There are tens of millions of people living in and around the rainforests – many of whom depend on the forests for their food and shelter. While rainforests are being destroyed at record rates for farming and logging, indigenous people are recognized as emitting very few greenhouse gas emissions and as the best, most sustainable stewards of the forest.

Unfortunately, leading research shows that indigenous peoples and local communities are key to preserving forests in tropical countries, but they don’t receive enough funding to be successful in carrying out this work.

“Brain drain” is another major issue as young people leave their forested communities in search of school, employment and other opportunities.

To alleviate some of these issues, we are working with the Yakum Foundation in Ecuador – a long standing partner of Save The Rainforest and a group that has a program to engage Amazonian youth in learning about medicinal plants and to train them on GPS territory mapping.

These youth education programs help to keep communities intact.

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